[Robert Remak, Jewish Polish-German embryologist, physiologist, and neurologist, pioneer in field of cell theory.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Dr. Remak') in English, asking 'Professor Queckett' [J. T. Quekett] where to get the 'gold size' he uses.

Robert Remak (1815-1865), Jewish Polish-German embryologist, physiologist, and neurologist, pioneer in the field of cell theory [John Thomas Quekett (1815-1861), microscopist, Professor of Histology]
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'Unter den Linden 68', Berlin; 15 February 1855.
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1p, 12mo. On piece of grey tissue paper. Aged and worn, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to reverse, which carries a seal ('R R') in red wax, and is addressed to 'Professor Queckett [sic] of the University of London from Dr. Remak of Berlin'. (For Quekett, who was in fact Professor of Histology at the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, see his entry in Oxford DNB.) Twenty lines of text, in English. He has a 'demand' to make of Quekett: 'A year ago Mr. [Parick?] O'Leary, returing from London, brought to me a little bottle of gold size, which you employ with so great success by Your microscopical preparations', but this has lost its fluidity. 'The young man, Mr. Abraham from Berlin, who will render You this letter, shall ask You in my name, where he could buy a bottle of gold size of the same quality as You employ by Your own preparations.' He ends in 'sorow, [sic] that my little acquaintance of Your beautiful language deprives me of the pleasure to express You in convinable terms the high esteem, which I owe to Your scientific merits'.