[Sir Joseph Noel Paton, Scottish artist, sculptor and poet.] Holograph (signed 'Noël Paton') of his apparently-unpublished poem 'Under the Stars'; with Autograph Letter in third person to 'Master W. A. Wilson', pointing out that he is 'a Scotsman'.

Sir Noël Paton [Sir Joseph Noel Paton] (1821-1901), Scottish artist, illustrator, sculptor and poet
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Both holograph and letter dated 16 January 1887. Letter from 33 George Square, Edinburgh.
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Both items in fair condition, foxed and lightly aged. No indication has been discovered that the poem was published. ONE: Autograph Letter in the third person to 'Master W. A. Wilson'. 1p, 12mo. Reads: 'Sir Noël Paton has very great pleasure in responding to Master W. A. Wilson's friendly and well-written request for his Autograph. He desires to note however, that he is a Scotsman, not an “Englishman!”' Paton's compliment was perhaps backhanded, as the recipient 'Master W. A. Wilson' was William Andrew Wilson (1869-1918), future Minister of New Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine (and father of the poet R. N. D. Wilson), who would have been eighteen years old at the time of writing. TWO: Holograph titled 'Under the Stars.' 1p, landscape 8vo. Folded three times. At bottom left Paton gives the date of composition 'March 1885', and at bottom left he signs and dates 'Noël Paton Jany. 16. 1887.' The poem is a sonnet, beginning 'Measureless, countless, inaccessible | To man, or thought of man! Infinity | Of ordered systems, ever silently | To His dread power, whose form no tongue may tell, | […]'.