[William O'Brien, Irish nationalist politician and editor.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Edwards', stating, following his 'Tyrone Victory', that 'our Liberal friends' were right 'in trusting Mr. Parnell and his party' in the 1885 general election.

William O'Brien (1852-1928), Irish nationalist politician, editor of the Irish National Land League journal 'United Ireland', associated with Parnell and Home Rule
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On letterhead of 'United Ireland, Dublin.' 14 December 1885.
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2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Written after his successful return as Member of Parliament for the new constituency of Tyrone South. Headed 'Private' and signed 'William O Brien'. Begins: 'My dear Mr Edwards | Of all the letters of congratulation I received on our Tyrone victory, there was not one that gave me more pleasure than your kind note.' He would have answered sooner, had the 'fatigue of the contest' not 'proved a little too much' for him, and it would have given him 'particular pleasure' to make Edwards's acquaintance. He 'heard so much' of Edwards's 'friendly exertions' on his behalf that he regards him 'as quite an old friend', and he hopes to be able to thank him and his friends 'for your fidelity in the teeth of exceedingly trying odds'. He concludes: 'I am satisfied that the more our Liberal friends know of us the more they will be convinced that they made no mistake in trusting Mr. Parnell and his party to look after their interests.' From the papers of Rev. William Andrew Wilson (1869-1918), Minister of New Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, and his son the poet R. N. D. Wilson [Robert Noble Denison Wilson] (1899-1953).