[Patric Dickinson, poet and translator: 'my mind is full of new images & ideas'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Patric') to the playwright Christopher Fry ('Dear Kit'), written in affectionate terms, and covering a number of topics.

Patric Dickinson [Patric Thomas Dickinson] (1914-1994), poet and translator [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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38 Church Square, Rye. 5 January 1984.
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2pp, landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. With envelope addressed by Dickinson to Fry at his East Dean address. Thirty-eight lines of closely-written text. An affectionate letter, which begins with Dickinson exclaiming, following a seasonal phone call from Fry, 'There's no-one anywhere could have given me more pleasure, yes truly so. Bless you!' He describes the illness which made the 'making of the prog […] a bit fraught'. He reports that 'The recording was strange, Lawrence had never done an unscripted interview (nor had I) nor had the producer! A nip of brandy (pretending to stick my gnashers in) got me through. And so to Temple Meads & dozing in those Intercity things. This is where being deaf pays off! I switch off & the yowling of ill-disciplined tots is far away.' He switches the subject to his 'Evil Eye', stating that 'Dr Jelani' was unaware that Dickinson 'had one'. He has an eye operation coming up, and 'In about 3 months I shall see my remaining years in a different light. I'm sure Thos. Hardy would approve.' He continues: 'Outside, as I write, the sea is like a brass shield & I think of the famous “shield signal” flashed from Marathon to Athens. | It's good, my mind is full of new images & ideas – from the “ancient world”, maybe, from this world now, “wherein” as Wordsworth said, “we find our happiness or not at all”'. He ends with regret that he will not be able to come to Fry's reading: 'I shall be languishing in a Nursing Home till about the 20th. Do give my love to Robert [Gittings] & Ted [Hughes] - & all good luck. I expect the Lowburys will be there so to them too. If youve time write and tell me how it went.'