[Henry Yule; Younghusband ] Autograph Note Signed "H Yule" to Stephen Wheeler, orientalist, about "Lieut. Younghusband" and his youthful expedition (Asia) with part of notes, presumably in Wheeler's hand, on Carey's "expedition" to Tibet (1885-1887).

Henry Yule, orientalist (1820-1889)
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3 Pen-y-wern Road, SW, 30 Nov.1887 [Embossed address excised - India Office]. With docket giving names of Yule and Younghusband.
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Letter, one, page, 12mo; notes on verso one page. Letter by Yule: "The young officer to whom I referred in Lieut. Younghusband of (I think) the Ist dragoon guards, the son of an officer formerly well known in the Punjab. | He is I believe now on his way home through Russia, after a remarkable journey in Mongolia & Chinese Turkestan."; Notes by Wheeler (?), Foreighn Office, orientalist (starting mid-sentence, crossings out in square brackets: "traveller must encounter are formidable enough to rank Mr Careys expedition - described the other [day] even[in]g to the Royal Geographical Society. [an exceedingly] Amongst the most praiseworthy feats of [the a generation which has witnessed] present day. It is [exaggerating] sad to think that but for the necessity of returning to his duties as Post Master General - [duties which] in India a post which [?] a score of civilians could hold. Mr Carey might [?] now be within sight of the golden palaces of holy Lhasa that [holy city which] mysterious city has never been visited by a European since Manning. [Charles Lamb's friend], was there & presented the Dalai Lama with a couple of brass candlesticks. Mr. Carey [[?]"