[William Henry Angas, Baptist 'Missionary to Seafaring Men'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. H. Angas'), on his work in 'the Ports of Berwick & Dunbar' for the Seamens Friends Socy', and need of money, having 'run myself quite dry aground as to Cash'.

William Henry Angas (1781-1832) of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Baptist 'Missionary to Seafaring Men [Sealemen's Friend's Society]
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'Post office Leith May 5/29' [5 May 1829].
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For information on Angas, see his entry in the Oxford DNB and F. A. Cox, 'Memoirs of the Rev. William Henry Angas, ordained “A Missionary to Seafaring Men,” May 11, 1822' (1834). 2pp, 4to. In fair condition, aged and creased. Folded three times. The recipient is not named. The letter begins: 'My Dear Sir | You will perceive by the present how far I have come on on my way. The Ports of Berwick & Dunbar &c have kept me busily & I trust usefully employed, for the prospects for good among the Seamen & especially the Fishermen look flattering. There are in the Port at pres[en]t.' While there are 'very few vessels indeed' in the port at Leith, the affairs of 'the Seamens Friends Socy.' will require 'some attention to set them quite right'. He hopes 'the work is going on prosperously at Shields'. He states that 'the chief purport of the pres[en]t. To state that I have run myself quite dry aground as to Cash & that before being aware of it'. He asks him 'to remit by return of Post the Balance of my accounts, in a form payable on demand here & at Edinbro'.' In a postscript he sends his best to 'our frd. Mr. Williamson Stephenson, to whom he wishes 'ere long to write'.