[ Mark Twain ] Autograph Quotation about Adam as a "blood relation" from "The Innocents Abroad Or the New Pilgrim's Progress" (first published 1869) Signed as both "Sam[ue]l L. Clemens" amd '"Mark Twain"'

Samuel L. Clemens ["Mark Twain" ]
Mark Twain
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[Headed notepaper] Farmington Avenue, Hartford. At foot: "Hartford, U.S., June 1, 1874".
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See image. Strip cut from album page, 11w x 35l cm, parts of signatures, collectible just about if complete but inferior (Londonderry,C.E. Tisdall, etc), and descriptions on reverse, making the paper stiffer, small closed tear on a fold mark. Text , boldly written,is a quotation from "The Innocents Abroad or the New Pilgrim's Progress", p.189, complete in itself, concluding with reference to "The New Pilgrim's Progress", and signed 'Saml L. Clemens | "Mark Twain"' with place and date as described above. The text starts with '"The tomb of Adam! How touching it was, here in a land of strangers, far away from home, thus to discover the grave of a blood relation" and concludes "But let us try to hear it with fortitude. Let us trust that he is better off where he is." He omits "I deem it no shame [...] jjourneying through the Holy Land" and the interpolation "he did not live to see me". Clemens moved into the new Farmington Avenue house in this year, 1874.