[Sir William Hunter, Scottish historian, statistician and Indian civil servant.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Wheeler' [S. E. Wheeler of the Oriental Club] regarding the Oxford 'Rulers of India Series' and his 'Imperial Gazetteer of India'.

Sir William Hunter [Sir William Wilson Hunter] (1840-1900), Scottish historian, statistician, Indian civil servant and editor of the Imperial Gazetteer of India [Stephen Edward Wheeler (1854-1937)]
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On letterhead of Cherwell Edge, Oxford. 26 March 1890.
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3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The second leaf has two punch holes, away from any text. Folded once. The subject of the letter is the 28-volume 'The Rulers of India' series, which Hunter edited for the Oxford University Press. His own biography of Lord Dalhousie appeared in 1890, and he followed this, as he explains in the letter with a life of Lord Mayo (1891). Despite the statement in the letter, the life of Lord Lawrence was written by Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, rather than by Richard Temple, who contributed the volume on James Thomason. Hunter begins the letter by thanking Wheeler for his 'note, & very interesting enclosure'. He did not realise that Wheeler was 'such a busy reviewer!' He asks if he 'could get permission to do a notice' of his 'Dalhousie, which appears this week, for The St. James Gazette', and offers to procure 'an early copy' for him. 'It deals with the greatest Conservative Govr. Genl. Whom England has ever sent to India, & vindicates his policy.' The book will, in his opinion, be 'an epoch-marking work in Indian literature'. He continues: 'We have taken Lord Mayo instead of Lord Laurence as Temple has done the latter. But after the next census, 1891, I hope to bring out a new ed. Of my Imperial Gazette of India, & if you are still free, there is no one with whom I wd. Be so gladly associated as with yourself.'