[Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley.] Mimeographed Typescripts of fourteen unpublished lectures by physicists including Nobel Prize winners Luis Alvarez, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrê, forming syllabus 'Physics 290(f)'.

Luis Alvarez, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrê: Nobel Prize winning physicists; Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley; Burton J. Moyer; Herbert Frank York [Manhatten Project]
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[Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley.] Circa 1950 [with last dated reference November 1949].
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Mimeographed typescripts of fourteen unpublished lectures forming the syllabus for the Berkeley course in experimental physics 'Physics 290(f)'. Undated, but delivered circa 1950 (the latest date among the bibliographical references to the lectures being November 1949). Details of the lectures are given below. They were only intended for distribution among students, and were not published, and no other copy of any of them is to be found on OCLC WorldCat (although the lecture by Alvarez, 'Particle Accellerators' does feature, without location, dated to 1951)..The eleven lecturers include three Nobel Laureates: Luis Walter Alvarez, winner of the 1968 physics prize for the development of the hydrogen bubble chamber which enabled the discovery of resonance states in particle physics; Edwin McMillan, co-winner with Glenn Seaborg of the 1951 chemistry prize for the discovery of the first transuranic element neptunium; and Emilio Segré, who shared with Owen Chamberlain the 1959 Nobel Prize for physics for their discovery of the antiproton. Others include Burton J. Moyer, and Herbert Frank York, discoverers of the neutral pi meson. The fourteen lectures total 143pp, 4to, printed on rectos. Bound together with metal clasp in a contemporary punch-hole binder, with brown card covers, by the Smead Man. Co. of Hastings, Minnesota. Housed in a modern brown cloth Solander box, with binders' ticket of the Green Dragon Bindery of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with a very few light markings in red ink. The introductory lecture is anonymous, the other thirteen are by a total of eleven physicists, of whom as previously stated, Alvarez, McMillan and Segrè are Nobel Laureates, the same three men also being associated with the Manhattan Project and Ernest O. Lawrence's Berkeley Radiation Laboratory. (Three others - Helmholz, Thornton and York - also worked for the Manhatten Project.) For the context see Alvarez's autobiography 'Adventures of a Physicist' (1987) and Segrè's autobiograph 'A Mind always in Motion' (1993). The eleven lecturers - with diagrams and tables - are: Luis Walter Alvarez (1911-1988); Robert Lee Chasson (1919-1990); Donald ('Don') Gow, 2 lectures; August Carl Helmholz (1915-2003); Arthur Judson Hudgins (1920-1998); Edwin Mattison McMillan (1907-1991); Dr. Burton Jones Moyer (1912-1973); Robert Fred Mozely (1917-1999), 2 lectures; Emilio Gino Segrè (1905-1989); Robert Lyster Thornton (1908-1985); Dr. Herbert Frank York (1921-2009). Apart from the introductory lecture each one has notes by one of the following eleven individuals: W. M. Boggs; A. Bratenahl; R. Evans; F. Fillmore; James W. Hadley, 2 lectures; Franklin Charles Hurlbut (1920-2010); R. Pyle; Larry Schecter; J. F. Tracy; Jack Steller; R. Wright, 2 lectures. The lectures - in the sequence in which they are placed - are as follows: Anon, 'Lecture I | Electrical Measurements' (12pp); R. Mozely, 'Vacuum Tubes and Amplifiers', notes by A. Bratenahl (17pp); R. Mozely, 'Pulse Circuits', notes by L. Schecter (20pp); D. Gow, 'Oscillators', notes by James W. Hadley (7pp); D. Gow, 'Rectifiers and Power Supplies', notes by James W. Hadley (13pp); Dr. B. J. Moyer, 'General Considerations of Particle Counters', notes by R. Wright (4pp); E. Segre [sic], 'Ionization Chambers', notes by R. Pyle (10pp); R. Chasson, 'Geiger Counters', notes by R. Wright (5pp); Dr. H. F. York, 'Proportional Counters', notes by F. Fillmore (6pp); E. McMillan, 'General Accelerator Considerations', notes by J. Steller (8pp); A. J. Hudgins, 'Van de Graaff Electrostatic Accellerators', notes by J. F .Tracy (11pp); L. Alvarez, 'Linear Accelerators', notes by R. Evans (10pp); R. L. Thornton, 'The Cyclotron', notes by W. M. Boggs (11pp); A. C. Helmholz, 'Beta Ray Spectrographs', notes by F. C. Hurlbut (9pp).