[The Siege of Bhurtpore.] Autograph Letter Signed from J. J. Harcourt of East India House to B. S. Jones [Deputy Secretary, India Board], complaining of the withholding of material relating to the siege from the London Gazette.

J. J. Harcourt [John J. Harcourt], one of the Chief Assistants in the Examiners' Department at the East India House [B. S. Jones, Deputy Secretary, India Board; East India Company; Siege of Bhurtpore]
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20 October 1826. East India House [London].
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With Thomas Love Peacock, Edward Strachey and James Mill, Harcourt was one of the four Chief Assistants in the Examiners' Department at the East India House. 2pp, 8vo. Aged and worn, with slight loss to one corner. Folded twice. Whilst conducting his 'researches amongst the papers relating to the recent Operations in India', Harcourt was 'much surprized to find that the General Orders published by the G[oveno]r Gen[era]l. in Council at Fort William on the 12th April 1826, on the fall of Bhurtpore, have been withheld from the London Gazette'. He finds this 'the more remarkable as they were transmitted to the Council of Directors in the Bl. Pol: &ra of the same date, an extract from which has been published in Page 2407 of the Gazette of the 6th. Instant whilst the most important portion is altogether withheld'. The letter concludes: 'Should not this omission be supplied, in justice to the parties therein mentioned, whose distinguished services have called forth the expression of the unqualified approbation & applause of the British Government - I can tell you that the omission has been noticed in other quarters'.