[John Sparrow, academic and bibliophile, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford.] Autograph Letter Signed and three Autograph Cards Signed to Brian Hill, praising his book 'Pleasure Garden' and discussing Dr Pan, with reference to buggery.

John Sparrow [John Hanbury Angus Sparrow] (1906-1992), academic and bibliophile, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford [Brian Hill (1896-1979)]
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Letter 24 October 1956; two of the cards from around the same date, the third card dated 22 November 1935. The first three with letterhead of the Warden, All Souls College, Oxford. The third 1935 card without place.
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The four items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: ALS. 2pp, 8vo. Folded twice. He wishes to tell him 'what pleasure Pleasure Garden has given & is giving me - chequered only by occasional [footnote: '& most unworthy'] annoyance that you should have spotted something which I thought that no one but myself had ever noticed and appreciated'. He finds it 'a delightful and entirely fresh book - which pleases many different bits of one's mind'. He continues in the same tone, noting with approval that Hill has 'preserved specimen's of Pan's quaint pomposity'. He continues: 'Do you know his recommendations for reforming, in the direction of leniency, the punishment for b-gg-ry? [i.e. buggery] They are to be found on p [blank] of his Characters of Charles James Fox, 1809. He continues on the same topic, before suggesting an error in the book. He signs off: 'Again, congratulations on the book from John Sparrow.' TWO and THREE: Two ACsS (one 'J. S.' and the other illegible). Both addressed to Hill at 7 Clarendon Road, Holland Park. One dated 27 October, has postmark 28 October 1956, and the other has postmark 1 November [1956]. Both on the Warden's letterhead. In the first he supplies the page reference in his letter, and discusses the misprint he proposed, before concluding: 'Please remember me to J. H. [John Hayward?] I wish we were still in a professional relationship!' In the second he continues on the subject of the proposed misprint, as well as another textual matter, adding 'I can't help enjoy [sic] the richness of Dr Pan's reforming imagination in that matter.' FOUR: ACS. 22 November 1935. Apologising for not being able to go to Hill's 'party' as he 'must, unavoidably, be in Oxford on Dec. 7th.'