[ The Emphasised Bible; Joseph Bryant Rotherham ] Autograph Note Signed J. Geo. Rotherhamto Principal Fairbairn, Oxford [A.M. Fairbairn, first principal of Mansfield College], expressing his and his father's relief at finishing the translation.

J. George Rotherham [ Joseph Bryant Rotherham ]
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[Headed ] The Emphasised Bible: | A new translation | By Joseph Bryant Rotherham. || 18 Ellerdale Street, Lewisham, London S.E. [Separate heading: Business Communications to J. George Rotherham ...], 24 Sept. 1902.~One page, cr. 8vo. I have now pleasure in sending for your kind acceptance the concluding Volume of my Father's work, and you will I am sure share our Feelings of thankfulness that the long task is now happily completed.~95~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT EMPHASISED BIBLE Joseph Bryant Rotherham~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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