[ C.F.A. Voysey; Arts and Crafts ] Two Autograph Letters Signed C.F. Annesley Voysey and C.F.A. Voysey to Miss Street, [bookbinder, apparently sometime President of the Binding and Printing Trades]..

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857–1941), architect and furniture and textile designer.
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[Headed] 73 St James's Street, SW1, 12 June 1925 AND [Headed] Arts Club, 40 Dover Street, W1 and [handwritten] 73 St James's Street, SW1, 26 June 1925.
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Both letters relate to the binding of a book that Voysey values and make considerable use of. Letter One (12 June): three pages, 12mo, bifolium, an expansive hand, good + condition. Text: I wonder if you will mind my begging for your kind help. The littel book which is a sort of catalogue of book plates & badges which I have designed is tumbling to pieces and I want it stitched together so that nothing is lost. He hopes he's not wasting her time, but he constantly needs the book for refernce. He would also like Sir Frank to see it, and to know how much she wants. Letter Two (26 June): I am amazed at the amount of trouble & skill you have bestowed on my little book. It is now a beautiful new one, much better than the original. How you manged to get the prints off the cover I cannot imagine. He is delighted that she has done it con amore but is determined to reward her with a sum that was enclosed.