[ Isaac Taylor, philologist ] Autograph Letter Signed Isaac Taylor to unnamed correspondent who has invited him to give an account of sll the alphabets in the world.

Isaac Taylor [ Isaac Taylor (1829–1901), son of Isaac Taylor, philologist, toponymist, and Anglican canon of York (from 1885).
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[Embossed[ Settrington Rectory, York, 11 Dec. 1886.
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Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, formerly tipped into an album (hinges survive), good condition. I do not think it would be easy, or even possible to give an account of sll the alphabets in the world within the limits you name. The Indian alphabet alone would more than occupy the whole space. But if you merely require a sketch of the history of the oman (i.e. the English) alphabet - with a brief notice of the relations to it of a few of the leading alphabets - such as the Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac & Greek, it might be possible. But if you would kindly send me. as you p[ropose, a copy of the Article as it now stands, I should be able to ascertain whether I could satisfy your wants without falling short of my own standard. | But I would suggest that a few half or quarter column articles on, say, Runes, Uncials, [Oghuns?], Palaeography, Devanagari, &c would greatly relieve the longer article [?] on the Alphabet. | One or two 'Tables' would save space. Taylor had already published The Alphabet. An Account of the Origina and Development of Letters in 1883.