[ George F. Parker, Public Relations ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed George F. Parker to Mrs Pike about her little book about her brother and her satisfying lifestyle..

George F. Parker, of the American Public Relations company, Parker and Lee [George Frederick Parker (1847-1928), American journalist and publicity expert].
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[Headed] Westwood, 245 London Road, Croydon, 20 August 1903.
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Three pages, 12mo, good condition, closely written. He commends her on the little book about [her] brother which he couldn't put down. It is a most interesting record of a most interesting man. If I should make any criticism at all it would be that it did not go quite fully enough into those close relations which your late brother maintained with the miserable and the unhappy nor give a sufficiently complete account of the individual instances of which I always heard from so many quarters during my long residence in Birmingham [...] his incessant labours on behlf of men. He then goes on to characterise HER life Pleasant and cheerful in spite of advancing years and undeserved misfortunes, listing her reasons to feel blessed including how comforting it is to have certail literary tastes which promote resourcefulness and make ennui [underlined] impossible. He hopes this state of happiness continues. He congratulates her on her choice of American friends which paralles his choice of English.