[Revolutionaries in London 1851] Au peuple / [les?] proscrits de Londres dont les noms suivent. IN FRENCH.

[Revolutionaries in London 1851] Louis Blanc, French politician, agitator and historian
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London, 3 December 1851.
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Manuscript, 4pp., 4to, minor defects, text clear and complete. A draft in Blanc's hand, with his MS. corrections and additions, of an eloquent and hard-hitting statement representing the views of Blanc and other exiles in London of the situation in France post-1848, particularly attacking Louis Bonaparte. He begins: Voulez-vous etre avilis? Voulez-vous etre asservis? Voulez-vous devenir pourtant de peuple opprimes qui attendaient de vous leur delivarance, et comptaient sur votre courage un objet eternel de mepris et de rire? / Louis Bonaparte vient d'accumuler en quelques heures plus d'attentat que me semblait pouvoir en contenir une vie d'homme. / Il s'est empare de toutes les libertes de son pays, comme un larron a la faveur d'une surprise nocturne. [Ruse?] vulgaire que certaines gens [line crossed out] ont l'imprudence d'appeler courage ... He the goes on to talk about the issues including the suppression of the Press and representation nationale. He asks his audience if they wish to have him as a master when he has released soldiers and cannons onto the strreets of Paris taritant la France comme un pays conquis, not a republic. He later describes Bonaparte's restoration of the aristocracy and discusses the loss of suffrage. He concludes: Tel est [les cri?] que nous arrache une indignation impossible a contenir. Nous qui, des moins dans notre exil pouvons parler nous parlons. Mais nous devons plus que cela a la Republique. Notre sang lui appartient. Nous le savons et ne l'oulierons pas. Blanc has signed this and added the s[ur]names of 35 fellow-exiles and supporters including Robillart and Bernard le Clubiste, the list of names concluding with the words Pour copie conforme. I have yet to find a printed version of this important manuscript.~450~CAT99 BERNARD LE CLUBISTE REVOLUTIONNAIRES MARX FRANCAIS EXILES AGITATORS AGITATEURS~Miscellaneous~0~OL20; formerly 5439~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23206~15/07/2020~False~[William Ewart Gladstone; Charles Bradlaugh; Charles Stewart Parnell; British General Election of 1886]~[Home Rule ] Handbill printed satirical poem [a proof?], with manuscript corrections, entitled 'Mr. Gladstone's Latest.'~Publisher and date not stated. [1886.]~One one side of a piece of laid paper, roughly 21 x 13 cm. Clear and complete on aged and spotted paper. A couple of manuscript emendations, in a contemporary hand: 'I'm' in the text expanded to 'I am' for the sake of scansion, and 'like' in the text changed to 'likes' for the sake of grammar. Sixteen-line poem arranged in four stanzas. Begins 'I'm an old man, an old man who's well past seventy-six, [Gladstone was born in 1809] | And begin to think, on looking round, that [I am] in a fix; | On all my ablest colleagues I have played so many tricks, | That each of them is giving me a pretty load of kicks.' He would 'like to go on muddling until I'm seventy-eight, | I can polish off the Empire at such a rapid rate.' Concludes that he would like to 'see the day | When all the world is governed in the Gladstonian way; | With Parnell on my left hand, and Bradlaugh on my right, | Such a trinity in unity would be my great delight.' Excessively scarce. No copy at the British Library or on COPAC, and no reference on the web.~50~WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE CHARLES BRADLAUGH CHARLES STEWART PARNELL BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION 1885 1886 HOME RULE POLITICS POLITICAL SATIRE NINETEENTH CENTURY VICTORIAN HANDBILL BROADSHEET STREET BALLAD~ ~0~EPH1; formerly 7472~ ~ ~0~ ~ 23205~15/07/2020~False~[William Ewart Gladstone; Home Rule in Ireland; English political satire]~[ Home Rule] Anonymous handbill printed poem satirising Gladstone, entitled 'The Grand Old Gambler's Last Card.'~Date, place and printer not stated. [circa 1886]~Printed on one side of a piece of laid paper roughly 21 x 13.5 cm. Good, on aged and lightly-creased and spotted paper. Eighteen line poem in heroic couplets, turning on the conceit of a game of cards. Begins 'OFT have I shuffled, often played the Knave, | In vain attempts a losing game to save;'. Ends ' 'Stop!' cried John Bull, with honest anger choking; | 'Turn out that fellow Gladstone - he's revoking!' ' References to Egypt and Home Rule date this item to the mid eighteen-eighties. The narrator mentions his 'partner Joseph's Aston Roughs' and declares 'I'm half prepared my Queen to sacrifice'. No copy on COPAC ((BL inc.) or WorldCat.~45~René de Vivie de Régie WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE VICTORIAN NINETEENTH CENTURY ENGLISH BRITISH POLITICAL SATIRE SATIRICAL HOME RULE IN IRELAND EIRE LIBERAL PARTY LIBERALS~ ~0~History Eph; formerly 7533~ ~ ~0~ ~ 23202~14/07/2020~False~George Frampton [ Sir George James Frampton (1860–1928), sculptor ]~[ George Frampton, sculptor ] Autograph Card Signed Geo. Frampton to an unnamed male correspondent (collector?), with a brief message about a work he is sending to the R.A.~[Headed] 90 Carlton Hill, St. John's Wood, 28 March 1910~Card, 9 x 11.5cm, a littel grubby but the messge is bold and clear, as follows: Dear Sir | Shall be very pleased to show you what I am sending to R.A. the next Sunday aft[ernoon].~28~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT BRITISH SCULPTOR~ ~0~OL60~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23203~14/07/2020~False~George Rose [ (1744–1818), politician, sometime Treasurer of The Navy, friend of Horatio Nelson.~[ George Rose; Royal Navy ] Autograph Note Signed G Rose (docketed Mr Rose's Note to Mr Baynes in a contemporary hand)~Old [Postern?] Yard, 25 July 1811.~One page, cr. 8vo, grubby, fold marks, but text clear, as follows: I am very sorry it will not be in my power to be present at the quarterly General Board of the Royal Naval Asylum, as an Appointment has for some Time past been made for a Court of the Trinity Corporation to swear me in as an Elder Brother , on that day.~150~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT HORATIO NELSON ROYAL NAVY TRINITY HOUSE ROYAL NAVAL ASYLUM~ ~0~OL60~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23201~14/07/2020~False~Sir A.H. Markham [Admiral Sir Albert Hastings Markham (1841–1918), explorer, author, and officer in the Royal Navy.]~[ A.H. Markham, explorer ] Brief Autograph Note Signed AH Markham to unnamed correspondent, delivering his autograph.~[Headed] Amat, Ardgay, Ross, N.B., 17 Aug. 1900.~One page, 16mo, good condition. Text simply: I have much pleasure in sending you my autograph. | AH Markham | Vice Admiral [date]~35~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT POLAR EXPLORER~ ~0~OL60~ ~ ~ ~ ~