[ George Wyndham, M.P.; women's suffrage ] Autograph Letter Signed George Wyndham to Sir Richard [Temple], administrator in British India and a politician, concerning Women's Suffrage. WITH: related letter from Windsor Castle.

George Wyndham (1863 – 1913), Conservative politician, statesman, man of letters,
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35 Park Lane, W. [London], 11 Feb. 1896.
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Two pages, 12mo, one edge ragged, with glue residue, with no loss of text, mainly good condition. [...] But, as far as Women's Suffrage is concerned, you may rest assured that I will do everything in my power to secure a decision of Parliament on the broad issues this Session. I am ballot-ing for the Bill myself, and I hope that a good many of our friends will also plump for this measure.WITH: Autograph Note Signed [F M.?] Ponsonby also to Sir Richard Temple, one page, 12mo, black-bordered (Victoria had just died), saying, The Address from Executive Council of the Parliamentary Committee for Women's Suffrage has been laid before the King and a reply will in due course be sent through the Home Office. Note: Presumably Wyndham is referring to Mr Faithfull Begg's Parliamentary Franchise (Extension to Women) Bill in 1896