[Jean Forbes-Robertson, Shakespearian actress.] Autograph Signature to newspaper photograph of her as Peter Pan, nicely-presented by careful cutting around outline.

Jean Forbes-Robertson (1905-1962), Shakespearian actress and a notable ‘Peter Pan’, daughter of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson
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[1934.] No place.
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Jean Forbes-Robertson appeared as Peter Pan between 1927 and 1935, and then again in 1938-1939. Part of a cricket report on the reverse of the present item dates it to 1934. The item is a black and white photograph of around 15 x 11 cm, cut from a newspaper, and showing a seated Forbes-Robertson in the costume of Peter Pan, clutching her left knee and throwing an angular shadow. In fair condition, on brown and lightly worn news stock. The photograph is rectangular at the bottom, but has had the area outside the outline of Forbes-Robertson’s head, shoulders and shadow carefully and pleasingly cut away at the top. Signed ‘Jean Forbes Robertson’ at bottom right.