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[John M. Groundwater and others]

[Pamphlet] The Glasgow School of Art through a Century 1840-1940

14pp., 4to, illustrated (full-page illustrations paginated), printed paper wraps, wraps stained and sl.chipped, contents good. Brief history, personnel, etc

Matheson Lang [Alexander Matheson Lang] (1879-1948), Canadian actor-manager based in London [Walter James Macqueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre historian]

[Matheson Lang, London-based Canadian Shakespearian actor.] Autograph Letter Signed to W. J. Macqueen-Pope, containing reminiscences of his early London career at the St James’s Theatre, written in response to MP’s book ‘Carriages at Eleven’.

From the Macqueen-Pope papers. See the two men’s entries in the Oxford DNB. Air Mail letter, 2pp, 4to, written within a few months of his death. With large signature ‘Matheson Lang’, and addressed to ‘My dear Pope’. Lightly-aged and worn, with slight damage from removal of postage stamp. Thirty-...

[Louis Capet (Louis XVI]

Decret[s] de la Convention Nationale [two decrees relating to Louis XVI]

A. Décret de la Convention Nationale du Août 1793 . . . Relatif aux Créanciers de la Liste civile, & aux Dettes contractées par Louis Capet No.1410/No.1220, 2; [2 blank], bifolium, edges frayed, some staining, text clear and complete. B. Décret de la Convention Nationale du 19e. jour de...

French, History, Royalty £180.00 Decret[s] de la Convention Nationale [two decrees relating to Louis XVI]
Jack Pritchard, British furniture designer (1899–1992).

Autograph Letter Signed Jack Pritchard, furniture designer, to Molly [Rosemary (Molly) Cooke], his future wife, a sprightly letter with eccentric presentation about a book she apparently published anonymously .

Two pages, 8vo, four pages of bifolium used as if two, grubby at folds, a little text obscured but readable, with corrections and crossings out. Dear Molly. Well what have you women been doing? | I have just got your book | 'Sunshine & Shadow' A book of Cambridge Womens Verse! | Just as well...

Art and Architecture, Literature £125.00 Autograph Letter Signed Jack Pritchard, furniture designer
Admiral Thomas Williams (then Captain of the "Vanguard).

Manuscript (part prob.)signed by Williams as Captain and by the gunner [Jack?] Mathers.

Two pages, c.8" x 8" (probably lacking half a folio leaf), pages, entitled "An Account of Gunner's Stores returned into Store &c from His Majesty's Ship Vanguard, Sir Thomas Williams, Kt. Captain between the 27th February 1801 and the 30th November 1801, pages columnised under headings: Time...

Military and Naval History £450.00
[Printed act of the United Kingdom parliament.] Chapter 60. An Act to constitute a Federal Council of Australasia. [14th August 1885.]

9pp. [paginated ii+ 7], 8vo. Disbound. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with first leaf loose. Government stamp at head of first page: 'SUPPLIED FOR THE PUBLIC SERVICE'. The first two pages (paginated i-ii) give an 'Arrangement of Sections'. An historic document, almost never found alone: no copies...

[Cheltenham Ladies' College]

[Pamphlets] "Training Department of the Cheltenham Ladies' College" (2) AND " "Prospectus of the Cheltenham Ladies' College Teachers' Training Department" (12)

Two 8vo pamphlets entitled "Training Department of the Cheltenham Ladies' College" , 1899 and 1903, with twelve (12) pamphlets entitled "Prospectus of the Cheltenham Ladies' College Teachers' Training Department", unbound, c.9-11 pages each, 8vo, with Board of Education stamps, numbers and...

Grant Richards.

Autograph Letter Signed and two Typed Notes Signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Publisher and author (1872-1948). All one page, 4to, fold marks, sl. grubby but text clear. (ALS) "Dear Wilson/ I have been meaning for several days to see whether you were not free to lunch, and now comes your note. Will you lunch on Tuesday? I hope you will./ Those advertisements? Why, I...

Book Trade History £150.00
J. Pearson & Co. (Booksellers: London)

Two hundred books from the libraries of the world's greatest book collectors : Grolier (1479-1565) to Beckford (1759-1844)

vi, 126 p., 1 l : plates (partly fold.) facsim, covers worn and soiled, weat and tear to the deckle-edges, hinge strain, contents complete and clear. Printed by the Chiswick Press. From the Reference Library of (Albert) Winifred Myers, autograph-dealer, note by a company hand inserted with basic...

Book Trade History £100.00
Monk Gibbon [William Monk Gibbon] (1896-1987), Irish poet and prolific author, dubbed 'The Grand Old Man of Irish Letters', second-cousin of William Butler Yeats

[Monk Gibbon, 'The Grand Old Man of Irish Letters'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Monk Gibbon'), to 'Prof Brunbaugh', regarding 'a copy of a short poem' he has made for her, and the reason for his 'rudeness' in replying to his letter late.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-creased grey paper. Addressed to 'Dear Prof Brunbaugh'. He explains that Brunbaugh's letter of 19 September 'went into a large collective envelope marked “For attention”', adding 'You can guess what that means. It is lucky ever to have come out.' He has '...