Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dr Scott'.

Walter Baring
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18 January 1874; Constantinople.
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Diplomat (1844-1915) and scion of the banking house. 4 pages, 8vo. Paper discoloured and grubby, but in good condition generally. He says he 'was on the other side of the Bosphorous' the day before, and so 'was unable to answer your letter by Austrian mail as I should otherwise have done'. He is sorry that Scott 'should have had any trouble about the cheque': he omitted to go through his account. He presents another cheque (not enclosed) for £4 18s 6d as he is going to ask Scott to make another payment. He include the calculations, commenting (rather surprisingly for a member of a banking family) 'I never could do a sum so perhaps this may be wrong'. He comments on the improvement in the weather, contrasting it with 'the vile climate in which I found myself on my arrival, it reminded me forcibly of London in November, except that the mud was thicker.' He thinks he will 'like the place well enough when I get regularly settled down'. He hopes the Scotts are beginning to like Athens: 'last winter was beautiful there & I only hope that this year will be the same'. He finds that Greek is 'spoken by great numbers of people' in Tera. He supposes he will have to try his hand at Turkish: he is told 'a fair colloquial knowledge' is easily acquired, but that knowledge of the written language requires 'great labour.