Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs E(dward) Tootal (Tootal was manufacturer, friend of Stephenson, Fairburn, Nasmyth).

Sir Lyon Playfair.
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95, Grosvenor Street, Monday morning, n.d. [c.1858].
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Scientist, 1818-1898 (DNB).Two pages, 8vo, affixed by margin of verso to mount), accepting an invitation and explaining his delay in replying. "I have this moment arrived from Edinburgh where I have been canvassing for the Chair of Chemistry. This therefore must be my apology for not having replied to your note of invitation of the 26th (?), which was not forwarded to me. I shall have much pleasure in waiting upon you on Friday, unless summoned back to Edinburgh by my canvassing Committee before that time. Allow me to present to you the first three series of my testimonials which, like marriage cards, Candidates are expected to send to their friends...". Playfair was appointed to the Chair of Chemistry at Edinburgh University in 1858.