Autograph Letter Signed to James Heywood Markland, with autograph draft of Markland's reply.

John Wilson Croker [James Heywood Markland]
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12 May 1851; on letterhead 'West Molesey | Surrey'.
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Politician and essayist (1780-1857). The recipient (1788-1864) was an antiquary and member of the Roxburghe Club. Four pages, 12mo. In very good condition, although rather grubby and with traces of stub adhering to one edge. He finds 'a letter of Pope to Beau Nash transmitting him an inscription [^ (not copied)] for, as I guess, a statue or bust of Fredk. Prince of Wales. I cannot lay my hand either on the Beau's Life nor on a Bath Guide (tho' I know I have both somewhere) & I therefore venture to trespass on your good nature to give me a little light on the subject.' Croker is aware that Nash set up a stone with a latin inscription to the Prince of Orange, 'and this might be that on which Pope was consulted, but I rather think that Nash did some thing of the same kind for Prince Frederick in 1738 or 1739.' He is sure that Markland will be able to 'clear up any doubt in a moment'. 'Pope in his letter requests that his share in the transaction should be concealed.' Ends 'What a pity it is that just as one had got a rail road to Longleat dear Lady Bath chooses to flit in to Sussex.' Signed 'J W Croker'. The draft reply (one page, 12mo, in good condition) includes a copy of the inscription ('sent to Mr Croker May 1851') as transcribed from Warner's 'Bath'. Markland poses the question 'Did Nash venture to alter what Pope had written?' Two items,