[P. C. Wren, novelist, author of 'Beau Geste'.] Typed Letter Signed ('P C Wren') to 'Miss Mills', explaining that he is sending her his autograph 'on one of my own private book-plates'.

P. C. Wren [Percival Christopher Wren] (1875-1941), writer of adventure fiction, best remembered for his novel 'Beau Geste'
Publication details: 
3 January 1928. On letterhead of the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded once. Her letter has been forwarded to him and he has 'much pleasure in sending you my autograph. In order to make it a little more personal, I am sending it on one of my own private book-plates.'

Autograph Letter Signed P C Wren, novelist, to unnamed correspondent partly about the film of The Wages of Virtue (a Foreign Legion novel) with Gloria Swanson.

[Percival Christopher Wren] P.C. Wren, author of Beau Geste and others
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Frerem, 28 Penn Hill Avenue, Parkstone, Dorset, 23 Jan. 1925.

Two pages, 8vo, paper bleached by text clear and complete. Many thanks for your two letters. | 1. Thank you for the good advice in the first. Will you kindly tell me whether the Legion film that you saw was that of my book 'The Wages of Virtue'. This was filmed in America with Gloria Swanson as heroine & a star cast, but I have neither seen nor heard anything of it. | 2. I do not think that 'Tigress' was copyrighted in America in any way. The authoress never heard anything about this being done.

[Pamphlet, bifolium] Letters on the Signs of the Times. To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London [addressed in Southcott's hand].

[Joanna Southcott and Jane Townley, her patron]
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Printed by S. Rousseau, Wood Street, Spa Fields, London, [1804].

Four pages, 4to, marks from folding as letter, some pinholes, edges sl. ragged, text clear and complete. Copies were abviously sent to church (ands other) personnel, this one being addressed possibly in Southcott's sprawling hand[papers in the BL only indicate that people did her writing for her - I've yet to find a sample beyong a signature] to the Church Warden | Bedfont, East | Middlesex || for the Curate. It is docketed with the date 7 July 1804 received, Townley writes to the Bishop, Joanna Southcott at greater length to Jane Townley. According to BBTI, the printer, S.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

William Crockford
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

Proprietor (1775-1844) of the celebrated London gambling house, set up in 1827, out of which he amassed a fortune of more than a million pounds. On piece of paper roughly three and a half inches by one and a half. Good, but mounted on larger piece of paper, creased once and slightly discoloured by glue. Reads 'I beg to Remain | Your most Obed[ie]nt | W Crockford'.

Autograph Letter Signed to James Heywood Markland, with autograph draft of Markland's reply.

John Wilson Croker [James Heywood Markland]
Publication details: 
12 May 1851; on letterhead 'West Molesey | Surrey'.

Politician and essayist (1780-1857). The recipient (1788-1864) was an antiquary and member of the Roxburghe Club. Four pages, 12mo. In very good condition, although rather grubby and with traces of stub adhering to one edge. He finds 'a letter of Pope to Beau Nash transmitting him an inscription [^ (not copied)] for, as I guess, a statue or bust of Fredk. Prince of Wales.

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