Official circular in secretarial hand, with autograph signature, to Captain Brock, Assistant Quarter Master General, Brighton.

Sir Robert Brownrigg
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Horse Guards 31st. May 1808.'
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British soldier and statesman (1759-1833); Governor of Ceylon, 1811-20; conqueror of the Kingdom of Kandy, 1815. Two pages, large octavo. In his capacity as Quarter Master General, Brownrigg informs Brock that 'the Establishment of Entrenching Tool Carts, and Tools attached to the several Regiments in Great Britain, shall cease on the 24th of June next, and that the Horses, Harness, and Carts used for carrying the Tools shall be forthwith Sold by Publick Auction.' Gives instructions for delivering over the 'Horses, Carts, and Harness'. An officer of the Royal Waggon Train will superintend, and Brock must report his progress. Signed 'Robt Brownrigg | Qr Mr. Genl.'