Autograph Letter Signed ('B H Baden Powell') to unnamed Indian District Officer ['My dear Major'].

Baden Henry Baden-Powell (1840-1901), author and half-brother of the founder of the Boy Scout movement [Allan Octavian Hume; ornithology]
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Simla; 15 November 1873.
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Three pages, 12mo. On aged and lightly spotted paper, with loss at head of crease (not affecting text) resulting from removal from spike. Letter of introduction for 'Mr Davison', [William Davison, discoverer of the Andaman Pale Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela davisoni)] 'who is on a visit to explore for its birds. He has been working with Mr. A. O. Hume [Allan Octavian Hume, 1829-1912, described as both the 'Father of the Indian National Congress' and the 'Father of Indian Ornithology'], whose energy in the <?> is well known to you.' The Major's assistance in facilitating Davison's travels 'about the country & being put in the way of making his tour of scientific value & result' will oblige Baden-Powell and Hume. 'No one can help like a district officer.' Asks the Major to 'give him a line' to the Deputy Commissioners of Tavoy and Mergai [near the Malay Peninsular] whom I had no opportunity of visiting'.?>