Signed Typescript ('Austen Chamberlain'), an address of thanks for his re-election as Rector of the University of Glasgow.

Sir Austen Chamberlain [Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain] (1863-1937), English politician, Rector of the University of Glasgow
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Geneva, Sept. 14. 1926.'
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On one side of a foolscap (32.5 x 20 cm) page. Eighteen lines. On aged and foxed paper with chipping at head and foot. Chamberlain was Rector between 1925 and 1928. Begins: 'Amidst the preoccupations which assail the delegate of one Nation in an Assembly of nearly forty-seven, my thoughts turn lovingly to the simpler duties of a Lord Rector who deals only with Four Nations and has the honour to be the chosen representative of them all.' The 'privilege' is 'doubly dear' to Chamberlain when he recalls 'the fact that more than twenty years ago the choice of the students of that day fell upon my father', who 'valued the honour which your predecessors conferred upon him'. Ends 'May the University flourish for ever!'