Autograph Letter Signed ('A Bain') to G. H. Huntly.

Alexander Bain (1818-1903), Scottish psychologist, philosopher and educationalist
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27 April 1874; Aberdeen.
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12mo, 2 pp. Seventeen lines of text. Clear and complete. Bifolium. Fair, on aged and slightly-grubby paper. He has 'no recollection' of 'a work published in Edinburgh in 1843, on Mind viewed as a part of Physiology'. 'Perhaps if I saw it, I might certify it as I [sic] work that I formerly knew. Few works of that nature have escaped my notice within the last thirty years.' The work referred to by Huntly would appear to be John J. Waterston's 'Thoughts on the mental functions. Being an attempt to treat metaphysics as a branch of the physiology of the nervous system' (Edinburgh, 1843).