Autograph letter signed to Mr [Otto] Haas, dealer in musical autographs?]

Ebenezer Prout
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26 February 1879, 12 Greenwood Road, Dalston.
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Musical composer, organist and theorist (1835-1909). Two pages, 8vo, minor defects fold mark (notoiceable fold marks on blank last page, one or two faint spots, white paper, black ink, original, mainly very good condition. In answer to a novel enquiry. "In reply to your letter I write to say that I have today made enquiries about a silent piano, and find that no such instrument as you describe is to be produced ready-made. There is no mechanism by which a silent piano could be made to give a faint sound; and what your customer wants is, I think, impossible. He could of course have a silent key-board of six octaves made to order, but this would certainly not be portable in the ordinary use of the term. He would probably get such an instrument cheapest by going direct to a pianoforte-key maker. H. Brooks & Co, 138 Hampstead Road as "a very respectable firm. The price I can say nothing about."