Three glass slides of photographs relating to the wreck of the SS Schiller off the Isles of Scilly, 1875: 'Lifeboat in which Survivors came ashore', 'Digging the last graves' and 'A funeral'.

[The wreck of the SS Schiller ('the Victorian Titanic'), off the Scilly Isles, 1875; German Transatlantic Steam Navigation Line]
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[1875.] Gibson & Sons, Penzance & Scilly Isles.
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Three striking unfamiliar photographs (the last two in particular excellent compositions) of a significant historical event. The three slides are bound in 8 cm glass squares, with none of the glass shattered, and the images themselves in good condition, clear and unfaded. Each mount carries the stamp of the photographers Gibson & Sons. With numbered labels carrying a shelfmark. Each mount titled in manuscript. ONE: ' Schiller" wreck. Lifeboat in which Survivors came ashore'. Shows the white lifeboat, with 'SCHILLER' and 'HAMBURG' on the bow, on a beach with the background showing sailing ships in the bay. TWO: ' "Schiller" wreck - Digging the last graves. <?> Scilly'. Striking composition, showing five workmen toiling among stones before a country wall in front of which appears to be a long row of wooden markers. Stone building and horse in background. THREE: 'Schiller wreck at Scilly. A Funeral.' Strking composition show a large group of people (one lady with an umbrella) gathered around a country grave with metal railings, with a stone building behind. The Schiller has been dubbed (in the title of a 2001 book by Keith Austin) 'The Victorian Titanic'. It is said that the German army in both world wars were instructed to spare the Scilly Isles, in recognition of the inhabitants' assistance to the survivors of the wreck.