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[Death of King George III] The London Gazette

[Official announcement of the death of King George III.] Printed periodical: 'The London Gazette Extraordinary', announcing the king's death.

3pp, small 4to. Bifolium on wove paper. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with closed tear at head of gutter. Customary tax stamp in red on first page. Each page with mourning border. In small print and double column. The first page carries the report of the King's death, dated from...

Archibaldus Robertson, Scot-Britannus, Chirurgus [ Archibald Robertson, physician, Navy etc (Wikipedia)]

[MD thesis; Dysentery; Inscribed and annotated by author] Dissertation Medica Inauguralis De Dysenteria Regionum Calidarum

In Latin except some footnotes. Disbound, [xii].48pp., 8vo, vestiges of binding on spine, good condition. INSCRIBED on reverse of hf-title: To Charles Hastings Esqre | as a mark of esteem, | and with every good wish, | from | The Author." The autrhor has added two corrections to be made, some of...

Dame Eva Turner (1892-1990), English dramatic soprano [Constance Evans of Darlington, piano accompanist]

[Dame Eva Turner, dramatic soprano.] Typed Letter Signed ('Eva Turner.') to Constance Evans, whose claim that she was her 'earliest private accompanist' she accepts, with reminiscences.

1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with the top part of the blank reverse pasted onto a slip of paper cut from an album. Adressed to 'Miss Constance M. Evans, | Raventhorpe, | Carmel Road N., | Darlington.' She begins by stating that Evans's letter has been forwarded to her by...

Francis Baring [Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook; Sir Francis Baring; Lord Northbrook] (1796-1866), Whig politician [Edmund Henry Barker (1788-1839) of Thetford, classical scholar]

Sir Francis Baring (latterly Lord Northbrook).] Autograph Signature ('Frans Baring') as frank of letter by the classical scholar Edmund Henry Barker, with fragment of Barker's letter with his damaged signature.

On 6 x 9.5 cm slip of paper, cut from the letter. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. On one side, with part of the franking postmark in red ink, Baring has addressed the letter in the customary fashion: 'Thetford December ten 1834 – | F. T. Maxon Esqr | 6 Little Friday St | Cheapside |...

Hannah More (1745-1833), Bluestocking poet and author, in the circle of Johnson, Reynolds and Garrick

[Hannah More, Bluestocking poet and author.] Autograph Signature ('H More') cut from letter.

On 5 x 10.5 cm slip of paper, cut from the conclusion of a letter. In fair condition, laid down on 6 x 11 cm piece of cream paper. Reads: '[…] my dear Madam. | Your much obliged | and Obed | H More | Barley Wood | March 10 –'.

Johannes Sims, Anglo-Britannus [John Sims], Medical Student

[MD Thesis, Edinburgh; concussion; Inscribed by Author] Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis, quaedam De Cerebri Concussione Malisque Inde Oriundis

In Latin, except footnotes. Disbound, [vi].44pp., 8vo, vestiges of binding at spine, good condition. Inscribed verso of title, "Amico Suo et Sodali, | Carolo Hastings | M.D. | Auctor." Charles Hastings, a fellow-student, later gained distinction in his profession and helped found the BMA.

A. Percy Bradley [Arthur Percy Bradley] (1887-1952), Clerk of the Course at Brooklands motor racing track, journalist and author [Brooklands Automobile Racing Club; A. V. Ebblewhite ('Ebby')]

[A. Percy Bradley, Clerk of the Course at Brooklands.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A Percy Bradley'), a letter of condolence to the son of celebrated Brooklands time-keeper A. V. 'Ebby' Ebblewhite, with an assessment of his character.

A letter of condolence to the son of A. V. 'Ebby' Ebblewhite [Albert Victor Ebblewhite] (1871-1939), who has been described as 'the inexhaustible handicapper and time-keeper, not only at Brooklands but at many other cycling, aviation and motoring venues'. 2pp, landscape 12mo. In good condition,...

Henricus Reeve [ Henry Reeve (1780-1814), Physician

[ M.D. Thesis; Torpidity of Animals; Inscribed by Author ] Disputatio Inauguralis, De Animalibus Hieme Sopitis

Disbound, [viii].43pp., 8vo, vestiges of binding at spine, good condition. Inscribed by Author on hf-title, "Dr Deane | with best wishes | from the Author." This theses was later published as "An Essay On The Torpidity Of Animals (1809)". The Author, after a promising start, died young (at 35...

J. Frederick Green [Joseph Frederick Green] (1855-1932), peace campaigner, Secretary, International Arbitration and Peace Association [Fabian Society; Independent Labour Party; Waler Crane]

[Joseph Frederick Green, peace campaigner.] Typed Letter Signed ('J. Fredk. Green'), asking the recipient to sign a Fabian Society statement drawn up with Walter Crane, H. S. Salt, Charles Charrington, S. G. Hobson, Edward Rose.

1p, 4to. In poor condition, aged and worn. The male recipient is not named. The letter read s: 'At a small meeting attended by Walter Crane, H. S. Salt, Charles Charrington, S. G. Hobson, Edward Rose, and myself it was considered advisable to issue to the whole Fabian Society a statement on the...

Julia Maria Hallam (1783-1840), wife of historian Henry Hallam (1777-1859), sister of poet Sir Charles Abraham Elton (1778-1853) [Lady Elizabeth Palgrave [née Turner] (1799-1852)]

[Julia Maria Hallam, wife of historian Henry Hallam.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J M Hallam') to Lady Elizabeth Palgrave, wife of Sir Francis Palgrave, reporting in affectionate terms on her son's health at Eton College.

2pp, 4to. On first leaf of bifolium, the second leaf carrying the address to 'Lady Palgrave | Hampstead Green', with four postmarks, one dated 29 July 1837. In fair condition, on aged, worn and creased paper. Lady Elizabeth Palgrave was the wife of the archivist and historian Sir Francis...