[ Warrington Charity Ball, 1827. ] Autograph transcription by 'W. M.' [identified as William Mather] of four letters (two from 'Mr. Pt.') relating to an argument over an anonymous letter sent to Miss Gaskell at Liverpool.

[ Warrington Charity Ball, 1827; William Mather; S. Gaskell; Liverpool ]
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[ Warrington, Cheshire. ] Dated between 21 January and 11 February 1827.

2pp., 4to. On both sides of an aged and worn leaf, tipped in onto a leaf removed from an album. Closely written. The four transcriptions are without heading or explanation. A curious item, with a certain melodramatic novelistic quality. A correspondence, apparently copied out by the 'W. M.' who signs at the foot of the last transcription and is identified in pencil as 'William Mather'. It begins with a short letter which presumably gave offence because of its anonymity. This is followed by two letters from 'Mr.

Autograph letter signed "Perrot", to "Monsieur le Conseille d'Etat Prefet du Department de la Seine"

Aristide Michel Perrot
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Paris, le 23 Juillet 1827

Map-maker, geographe, geographer. (One page, folio,some creasing and soiling, mainly good, clear and complete. This is a formal document in his best hand, in which he requests the opportunity to exhibit at "l'exposition" his latest work, "une carte de la France industrielle indiquent la position de tous les lieux qui ont fournis quelques produits aux 5 expositions, la designation de ces produits . . . ." He says how far he is advanced. An important letter.

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