Autograph Letter Signed and two Typed Notes Signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Grant Richards.
Publication details: 
21 Soho Square, London, W1, 20 April 1929 (ALS), and The Cottage, Upper Culham, Near Henley-on-Thames, 6 Jan. and 14 May 1930 (TNSs).

Publisher and author (1872-1948). All one page, 4to, fold marks, sl. grubby but text clear. (ALS) "Dear Wilson/ I have been meaning for several days to see whether you were not free to lunch, and now comes your note. Will you lunch on Tuesday? I hope you will./ Those advertisements? Why, I thought it was taken for granted that booksellers would supply the publications of any publisher - except those Heinemann people.

One Autograph Note Signed and one Autograph Note, third person, to Mr Wilks [printer, bookseller] and another [publisher]

Major C. Muller.
Publication details: 
232 Piccadilly 18[1?]0 and no place or date (same year).

Muller published "Relation of the Operations and battles of the Austrian and French Armies, in the year 1809, with three plans by Muller (Printed for T. Goddard, Military Library, no. 1, by R. Wilks, 1810). A. (Dated) One page, 8vo, third person, spike-hole, trimiing, staining but text redable but for a few letters. "Dr Mullers Compliments to Mr Wilks, & sends him the proof sheet back.

Autograph Notes Signed (2) to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Simon Nowell-Smith.
Publication details: 
Oxford, 3 Oct. 1931 and Exeter, 23 June [1932? - Lewis Carroll centenary?].

Scholar and collector (1909-1996). Total 3pp., 8vo, good condition. (1931) "many thanks for your note enclosing cheque for "Farrago" [?]. I wish all my debtors were as prompt." Wilson or a member of his staff has put a pencilled line diagonally through the page. ([1932]) He asks to see "the Lewis Carroll catalogue and exhibits on Monday, with a view to reporting the exhibition in next weeks' [Times] Literary / Supplement . . . ". Frank Mumby describes Wilson as "one of the outstanding booksellers of the day" (1956 ed., p.235). Two items,

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