ANS, 2pp, 16mo, to unnamed correspondent

Wakefield Christie-Miller, owner of the Britwell library
Publication details: 
9 September 1869, on Britwell letterhead

They returned from Scotland about a week ago. He writes on behalf of his father [Samuel Christie-Miller], to remind the correspondent of his promised visit. "At all events you will not be very far from Windsor and he will be glad to send you over, if you should have any business at the Library." See Seymour De Ricci, English Collectors, p.109. Neatly attached to large stub along one margin.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Samuel Christie-Miller].

B.B. Woodward.
Publication details: 
Buckingham Palace, 10 Sept. 1869.

Librarian at Windsor Castle. Three pages, 8vo, good condition. "I am one of hte unfortunates of the earth . . ." He is unable to accept an invitation to Britwell (hence the identification of Samuel Christie-Miller as the correspondent) because he "cannot keep off the demands of the printers any longer, & I must work." He hopes, however, to welcome him to the Library (Windsor) and to have the invitation to Britwell repeated. He adds a paragraph about "the great loss all Bibliophiles have experienced in the death of Mr Thomas Watts of the British Museum.

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