Autograph Letter Signed "E Fries", in Latin, to C.B. Clarke, botanist and school inspector

Elias Magnus Fries, eminent mycologist
Publication details: 
Uppsala 28 Oct. 1875.

One page, 8vo, trimmed with no obvious loss, small closed tears and fold marks, text clear and complete. He congratulates Clarke on his work "Commelynaceae et Cyrtandraceae Bengalenses" published in 1874, with fulsome compliments. My Latin doesn't help me translate all of the second half of the letter but it includes a reference to the Rev. M.J. Berkeley, perhaps a reference to Clarke's use of his work. He also refers to his own new work "Hymenomycetes" [presumably the 1874 edition of "Hymenomycetes Europaei sive epicriseos systematis Mycologici".

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