[ Jamestow; inc. French text ] Exposition de Jamestown a Hampton Roads pres Norfolk (Virginia)

[ Jamestown Foundation Celebrations ]
Publication details: 
Ouverture le 26 Avril 1907 | Cloture le 30 Novembre 1907, Printing Offices (Imprimerie Nouvelle) 16 Lisle Street London W C

Pamphlet, 15pp., 12mo, illustrated wraps (inc. "Bird's Eye View of the Exposition"). Contents include a "Proclamation du President des Etats-Unis d'Amerique" (Theodore Roosevelt; presumably he didn't say it in French as here); Programme de l'Exposition; etc. With: [English text} Pamphlet "The Jamestown Exposition", 12pp., 16mo, printed wraps, sl dusted, anticipating the Exposition of 1907, with the same biird's eye view as above, printed by Iredale-Brown & Sons, 48 Frith Street, London, W. No other copy traced.

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