[Mother Mary of Stella Maris; Jerusalem; Khartoum] Autograph Postcard Signed Mother Mary of Stella Maris | Convent of Marie Reparatrice | P.O.B. 29 Jerusalem to [Khartoum -see full statement below]. Recommendation.

Mother Mary of Stella Maris [Les sœurs de Marie-Réparatrice; Jerusalem].
Publication details: 
[Printed] Couvent de Marie Reparatrice. [MS] Jerusalem, 26 Novembre 1944. With original envelope. (No stamp!)

Postcard, 13 x 10cm, good condition. With the stamp of the Convent, see image.Text: To the Religious (Catholic Communiteis at Khartoum - | This is to recommend most warmly a great friend of ours Capt. Gerald Wynne Rushton, who is about to start for Khartoum as Administrator of the Area - | He is a good Catholic - And he needs in consequence to find a really good Catholic family, where he can stay. (Board and Lodging.) Revd Mother Supr of our Community here, as also myself, would be grateful for any help given to Capt.

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