[ Anne Stevenson, poet] Typed Note Signed Anne Stevenson to Miss Cond [Eileen Cond, autograph collector] responding to a complimentary letter.

Anne Stevenson (1933 – 2020), American-British poet.
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129 Bedford Court Mansions, Bedford Square, London, WC1, 3 November 1970.

One page, cr.8vo, very good condition. She has only just found Cond's letter on her return from abroad. I am so glad you enjoyed 'A Relative Stranger' and have much pleasure in returning your bookplate [presumably signed]. I do appreciate the trouble you took to write to me. It is always very nice indeed to hear from readers who have read and enjoyed one's books.

Typewritten Publishing agreement with Anthony Blond Limited, 56 Doughty Street, London, W.C.1.

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Poet and critic (born 1929), friend of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, now best known as a poker player. In good condition. On one side each of 3 4to pages, neatly stapled to a piece of card. '[...] concerning a work at present entitled: | THE IRON CURTAIN SPY | Edited and compiled | by | Al Alvarez | [...]'. The authors name corrected by him in manuscript from 'Al' to 'A.' The first two pages initialled by Alvarez and the last page signed by him.

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