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Edwin Palmer.

Autograph letter signed to Rev. W. Tuckwell.

Archdeacon of Oxford and scholar (1824-1895). Four pages, 8vo. He has been looking for a tutor for a wealthy Russian family (Davidoff), specifically a "backward", "unpromising" son who requires "a patient and conscientious tutor". He runs over more requirements for the tutor. He describes the...

Elspeth Huxley

Typed letter signed to a Mr Davidson

Author. 2pp., 8vo, sl. soiled. She responds to commenmts about her "Four Guineas" and how Nigeria has changed, discussing the effects of technology on employment and her pleasure in gardening.

Emlyn Williams

typed card signed to Robert Swan,

Welsh actor, dramatist and theatre director (1905-1987). One page, 16mo. "I am afraid I am filming at the moment as well as playing in the theatre, and could not fit anything else in - I am so sorry."

F.W. Farrar

Autograph letter signed to [Rev. W. Tuckwell].

Divine, novelist, philologist and theological writer (1831-1903). He will get very great pleasure from being present at the laying of the foundation stone "of your new school" [in Taunton}. He goes on to describe the progress Harrow has made in science education ("All these changes are signs of...

Fred Terry

autograph note signed to unnamed correspondent,

English actor (1864-1932), brother of Ellen Terry and member of the celebrated theatrical dynasty. Apparently in reply to a request for an autograph. "Yours always sincerely / Fred: Terry / 20th July '90". Traces of mount and glue on blank reverse.

Fred Terry

typed letter signed to Jean [Webster Brough?],

English actor (1864-1932), brother of Ellen Terry and member of the celebrated theatrical dynasty. One page, cropped, 12mo. "My dear Jean, / I wish you had been in Bolton. I would have liked to have seen you. / I am so glad you have had such a chance, and, my dear, I wish you every success in...

Frederick Harrison

typed note signed and autograph note signed,

Theatre manager (died 1926). The first, typewritten, to John Cabourn, 1 February 1906, on letterhead of Haymarket Theatre, one page, 8vo. "I would see you with pleasure, but I am sorry to say that I am too busy to do so at present." The second, in autograph, to [?] Pryce, 21 June 1916, on the...

G. Dance

autograph letter signed to [Joseph Kenny?] Meadows,

Dramatic author (so docketted). One page, 12mo. "On looking (as the young women say "promiscuously") over the list of your C. G. vice Presds. I do not perceive the name of my good friend the Duke of Beaufort - Has he never belonged to it? Or if not shall I ask him?" The reverse glued to the...

George Alexander (George Alexander Gibb Samson)

one autograph letter signed to Miss Home,

English actor-manager (1858-1918), knighted in 1911. "The actors Benevolent Trust is our institution for relief of deserving cases - if your friend will apply to me by letter & state her case freely I will lay it before the committee of which I am a member." Traces of previous mounting on...

H.R. Bishop

Autograph note signed

Composer (1786-1855). One page, 8vo, laid down.He acknowledges a dinner engagement and says that his correspondent will receive Drury Lane tickets.

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