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Christine Nilsson


Swedish singer. She has signed the front of a small envelope as follows: "Christine Nilsson-Rouzaud / 1875"., slight marking and fold marks but signature clear.

James Anderson.

Holograph document.

Editor of "Diplomata", antiquary (DNB). Sixteen lines on one page, small folio, some damage, but text complete and clear. Not signed. On the reverse Is written "Minut of the procuratorie of Resignation" [in Anderson's hand] and "Autograph of James Anderson - the Editor of the Diplomata." The...

P.G. Konody.

Autograph Letter Signed to Eliott O'Donnell, author ("Werewolves", etc.)

Art Critic and author. Two pages, 8vo, partly laid downm fold mark, good condition. He says he can do nothing "about the pictures" of which O'Donnell had sent a list. "They are not of sufficient interest and, I fear, of little value. Anyway they would not do for the man for whom I am forming a...

Isabella Herschel

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Christie-Miller.

Daughter of J.F.W. Herschel. Two pages, 8vo, good condition, still attached to part of page from album, expressing her regret at missing her visit and arranging a meeting.

John Tenniel.


Illustrator of "Alice", etc. A bold signature and subscription in purple ink ("Believe me to be / Sincerely yours / John Tenniel", on piece of paper c.2.5 x 1", good condition.

Thomas Hughes.


Novelist. Signature with part of subscription ("yours truly / Thos Highes"), on piece of paper c.1.5 x 0.75", good condition.

E. Steinle.

Das Endziel des Anarchismus.

Pamphlet, disbound, pp. 16, 8o, sl. chipped and discoloured but complete and clear.

Count Gleichen.

Document Signed to the Army and Navy Co-op Society

Prince related to Victoria (DNB). Piece of paper, c.6 x 4", sl. soiled but clear, missing top left corner (and a word or two), text as follows: " . . . [end of word] 13123 / [P]lease give the Bearer 2 Gal: Brandy No. 2. at 24/6 the Gal: --- / Gleichen/ St James Palace / March 29/83/ The...

Robert Williams.


Inventor of a screw propeller (DNB). End of letter clipped, text "Yours very truly / Robt Griffiths", c. 3.5 x 1-1.5" (irregular), good condition.

Louisa Fairlie.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent (Dr Therrison?)

Editor of "Portraits ef the Nobility" and "Portraits of the children of the nobility" (1838). Three pages, 4to, small tears on folds but good condition. She promises Miss Therrison some autographs [perhaps the poets she edited for the above-mentioned book?] and declines an invitation on behalf...

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