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Owen Seaman

Autograph Note Signed, one page, 4to, to Rose Fyleman, children's writer.

Poet, critic, editor of "Punch" (1861-1936). He criticises something she has written about fairies, sympathising with children's lack of understanding and concluding that he has encountered the things she describes "when there are no Fairies in the neighbourhood".

Pedro de Zulueta

Trial of Pedro de Zulueta , Jun. on a Charge of Slave Trading

lxxiv + 410pp., roy. 8vo, orig. dec. cl, worn, small tear in spine, corners bumped, hinge strain. A Full Report from the short-hand notes of W.B. Gurney with an address to the Merchants, Manufacturers adn Traders of Great Britain, by Pedro de Zulueta, Jun. Esq., and documents illutrative of the...

Henry Hobhouse

Autograph Letter Signed to James Williams

Archivist (1776-1854). 2pp., 4to, suggesting that, despite the potential for "tumult" of a "great Concourse of People", the following day, he does not believe there will be a need for the "Sheriff's Interference". (At this time Hobhouse acted as permanent under-secretary for the Home Dept.)

Henry Lee

Autograph Letter Signed to Edward Draper

Naturalist (1826-1888). 2pp., 8vo, signs of having been laid down, thanking Draper for "the Japanese book on Birds, commenting on the drawings ("wonderfully instinct with life", "suggestion of movement about their portraits of animals or human beings"). he mentions another Japanese book he has "...

Henry Mitchell

"Viscount Ferdinand de Lesseps"

American hydrographer and engineer (1830-1902). Wraps, detached and chipped, pp.370-385, contents good. Inscribed by the author to George Davidson (1825-1911) geodesist and geographer AND ANNOTATED extensively throughout by Davidson, marking passages with underlining, expressing doubts about...

Henry Rosehurst.

4 ALSs probably all to "Mr Smith" (addressed on two)

Bishop of Norwich. (1813) "The application of civil sanctions, of any kind, to religious opinion, has always appeared to me contrary to sound policy, to just reasoning, and to the revealed Word of God.". The Pope is his "Holy Brother". He says that he will vote for his correspondent's bill for...

Herbert Maxwell.

Autograph Letter Signed to Douglas Sladen

Scottish writer, sportsman and naturalist (1845-1937). 4pp., 4to. He gives detailed answers to questions about members of the Douglas family and finally refers Sladen to his book, "The Story of the Tweed".

J. Arthur Thomson

Autograph Postcards Signed (x 3)2 initialled, to C.H. Grinling, labour activist

Zoologist (1861-1933). Two of the cards say very little. The third is as follows: "'Nature' remains, more or less wisely, on an altitude. Books brought ot the altar will be reviewed. Others won't. If Prof. Carr sends a copy to 'Nature', as surely should have been done on publication, the all-...

J. Spencer Northcote

Autograph Letters Signed (x 3) to C. Willes Wilshire.

Archaeologist and President of Oscott College (1821-1907). 5pp. total, 8vo. (1868) He asks for further information about Raoul Rochetti's lectures or writings on Christian art. He would like to read them before writing the relevant chapter "in my forthcoming analysis of De Rossi's Roma...

J. Wolfe Barry,

Autograph Note Signed to (Sir Frederick) Bramwell, engineer

Engineer. One page, 8vo. He asks him to use his influence in Belfast to get a job for a former pupil of his.

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