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Carlos A. Pozzo di Borgo

Autograph Note Signed to an unknown correspondent.

Corsican-Russian diplomat (1764-1842). One page, 12m,, in French, some damage to one word, traces of mounting. He accepts an invitation in gracious terms.

Catherine Sinclair

Autograph Quotation Signed.

Scottish novelist (1800-1864). One page, 8vo, good. She quotes Shakespeare’s “What’s in a name?” and appends hersignature.

Edward Clodd

Autograph Letter Signed to H.C. Bowen, American publisher and editor.

Banker and writer (1840-1930). 2pp., 8vo, good. He is asking friends to his home for “chat and supper”, including Bowen.He gives minute directions how to get to his house in Tufnell Park.

Emanuel Deutsch

Probate of the Will of Emanuel Deutsch.

Semitic scholar (1829-1873). 2pp., 13 x 19” and 13 x 10”, vell., folded. Deutsch leaves all his books, papers and manuscripts to Lady Strangford (DNB) who is to handle the distribution of the rest of his property. The Registrar signs the Probate which is a simple statement copies from his will...

Fitzroy Kelly.

Autograph Note Signed to Bennet Woodcroft, writer on inventions (DNB)

Judge (1796-1880). One page, 8vo, good. He asks for an opinion on whether someone could procure a patent on the basis of some papers he is sending to him.

Frederic Harrison

Herbert Spencer Lecture delivered at Oxford, March 9, 1905.

Author and positivist (1831-1923). Printed item. Frederic Harrison, "The Herbert Spencer Lecture delivered at Oxford, March 9, 1905 , wraps, chipped, contents g., with a card attached to the titlepage, saying that the pamphlet is a gift and “cost me long study”, signed “F.H.”.

G.G. Leveson-Gower

Autograph Note Signed "Granville" to Lady Clarendon.

2nd Earl Granville, statesman (1815-1891). One page, 8vo, small portion cut out (place name prob.), ow. good. He claims a prior engagement, presumably after receiving an invitation, and hopes Clarendon is not tired after a long journey.

G.O. Trevelyan

Autograph Letter Signed to "Mr Chittenden".

Statesman and man of letters (1838-1928). 3pp., 8vo, good. He and his wife are pleased that their son is happy (presumably at aboarding school). He then expresses his detestation of the sort of touristwho does not enter into the spirit of a place (in this instance, Venice).

Henrietta Barnett

Autograph Note Signed.

Social reformer, founder of Hampstead Garden Suburb (1851-1936)(DNB).ANS, on a scrap of packing paper, saying “Given to Ernest Aves[?] inever grateful memory of all he did to and for me. June 17th-21st 1913.Henrietta Barnet”. Her husband, Samuel A. Barnet, has signed another part.

Henry Labouchere

Autograph Letter Signed to an unreadable correspondent.

Baron Taunton, statesman (1798-1869). 2pp., 4to, good. He has been sent some material relating to the Merchant Seamen’s Billand relates it to his own views on the matter.

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