8 Autograph Letters Signed by [two different?] J. B. Fraser[s?] to the artist Shirley Slocombe.

R. D. & J. B. Fraser, of Ipswich, Felixstowe & Dieppe. [ANTIQUES, FURNITURE]
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The firm, apparently antique dealers (although it also bought and sold false teeth), was established in 1833. All items are addressed to Slocombe, with whom the family (to whom he was perhaps related by marriage?) were clearly on intimate terms. Grubby, dusty, creased, dogeared and with several closed tears. The first six letters are from J. B. Fraser, the first four being on the letterhead of 'R. D. & J. B. FRASER, LIMITED.' ('ESTABLISHED IN THE REIGN OF WILLIAM IV.') Letter 1 (Ipswich, 4 Jan 1899, 4 pages, 8vo), from J. B. Fraser, concerns 'Edith', who is recovering from illness. Letter 2 (Ipswich, 9 Aug 1900, 4 pages, 8vo). He sends him a birthday present of 'the enclosed curious antique Ring': 'At first I saw in it only the head of a Girl, but on looking closely I found it four-headed, bearing the head of a Girl, old man - warrior & Ram. It is very old, being polished surfaco.' Letter 3 (Ipswich, 18 Sept 1900, 4 pages, 8vo). The photo has been sent away but the table is coming from Brighton. He can understand 'the rapture you feel in all your surroundings - Mrs. Fraser & I were there in 1879 & stayed at the Ilfracombe Hotel'. Letter 4 (Ipswich, 2 Nov 1900, 2 pages, 8vo). The pictures have been delivered safely 'to the Art Gallery', and Fraser's brother thinks 'my portrait very life-like'. Letter 5 (1 May 1901, on letterhead 'CRANE HILL LODGE, | IPSWICH', 4 pages, 8vo). Intimate letter congratulating Slocombe on 'what I regard as a great reward for long & anxious waiting'. Discusses Slocombe's 'regret that your Father's great desire being realized he is not alive to see it'. Letter 6 (undated, on letterhead 'GWYDYR CASTLE, | LLANRWST. | N. WALES.', 4 pages, 8vo, in particularly poor condition with untidy closed tear at head of first leaf). Possibly an early letter, in which he apologises for having 'Promised more than I can perform' regarding 'the Coats of arms on that Cubbord [sic] alone'. Describes the coats in some detail. Letters 7 and 8 apparently in a different hand, but also signed 'J. B. Fraser'. Both on letterhead 'CRANE HILL LODGE, | IPSWICH.' Letter 7 (17 Oct 1907, 4 pages, 16mo, in extremely grubby stamped addressed envelope with postmarks). Edith has died: 'Daily & indeed hourly I miss poor Edith as seeing she was my first care every morning before leaving home and on my return at night and even now I turn unconsciously to her old room.' Letter 8 (2 December 1907, 4 pages, 16mo). Is disappointed that Slocombe will not be joining them for Christmas 'as you have been for so many years'. Has heard that he 'might send Xmas in America'. 'I miss poor dear Edith every day more and more - It was only this morning I said to her mother as we were dining that we had never heard her murmur or complain of anything but she was always willing to sacrifice herself to the comfort of others.'