8 Autograph Letters Signed by [two different?] J. B. Fraser[s?] to the artist Shirley Slocombe.

R. D. & J. B. Fraser, of Ipswich, Felixstowe & Dieppe. [ANTIQUES, FURNITURE]
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The firm, apparently antique dealers (although it also bought and sold false teeth), was established in 1833. All items are addressed to Slocombe, with whom the family (to whom he was perhaps related by marriage?) were clearly on intimate terms. Grubby, dusty, creased, dogeared and with several closed tears. The first six letters are from J. B. Fraser, the first four being on the letterhead of 'R. D. & J. B. FRASER, LIMITED.' ('ESTABLISHED IN THE REIGN OF WILLIAM IV.') Letter 1 (Ipswich, 4 Jan 1899, 4 pages, 8vo), from J. B. Fraser, concerns 'Edith', who is recovering from illness.

Autograph letter signed to Henri Weiss,

Henry Neville [Thomas Henry Gartside Neville]
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Tuesday [no date], addressed c/o H. Sasson, 8 Ruskin Mansions, Club Gardens, West Kensington.

English actor-manager (1837-1910). Interesting letter exemplifying the importance of dentistry to the acting profession. 3 pp, 12mo, on mourning paper. "You know I've been away, on Tour with the "Lions" and after that, I took a jaunt to Tronville & Rouen, just returned with a broken tooth. - I've had to be patched up on tour, & have quite given up the idea of a good looking mouth. Any way I shall be glad if you will put a lower front tooth in. I will come to you to-morrow Wednesday afternoon about 3.30. in the hope you'll be free.

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