[John Muir, environmental pioneer etc] Autograph Letter Signed John Muir, to David Douglas, Publisher/Editor of Scott's Letters and Journal, responding to his receipt of Walter Scott's Journal and discussing enthusastically his visit to the UK.

John Muir [(1838 – 1914), influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, botanist, zoologist, glaciologist, and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness
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Martinez, California, 31 Dec. 1893.
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Four pages, 8vo, bifolium, remnants of tipping into David Douglas's gift of Sir Walter Scott's Journal published in 1890, edited by the publisher, Douglas. Edges stained, some marking, text clear and complete, as follows: My dear Mr Douglas, | I got home safely, & have been very busy with ranch affairs & old notebooks trying to get something ready for publication [perhaps The Mountains of California published in 1894]. Looking back over my summers wanderings I see that to you above all others do I owe thanks for guidance & kindness. | I was sorry to go away at the last without seeing you & Mrs Douglas, yet glad to know you were resting & enjoying in the Highlands. I had a grand time in Switzerland & when I got back the boys cared for me like very brithers [sic] & left nothing undone to make my ways easy & pleasant. Those nights at Drummond Place I shall always remember with the greatest pleasure especially the Dr [John] Brown night in your library that was the best of all. As soon as I got home I read Walter's Journal that you so kindly sent me & though I had Lockhart's life of Scott the Journal gave me all the greater pleasure from having read so much of it before. What a man he was! doing the work of a dozen giants - under mountains of difficulty, | At London I had a grand day with Sir Joseph Hooker in Westminster Abbey the Houses of Parliament, The Museum etc. I also spent a day at Kew & another with Hooker at his home in Sunningdale. | I see by the newspapers that you have been well lashed with storms. The views along the coast must have been truly glorious but hard must be the fate of the poor sailors & their families[.] Our winter has been sunshine mostly, balmy & springlike flowers are blooming & larks singing in the fields. How glad I shall be to have the boys come to my house & now thanking you again & again for your many kindnesses [...] Muir was also known as John of the Mountains and Father of the National Parks. He obviously appreciated his Scottish heritage.