[John Murray; Coleridge; Printed] Advertisement headed Mr. Murray has lately published the following works including Christabel [with Kubla Khan]

[John Murray and S.T. Coleridge]
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Albemarle Street, May, 1816. Printed by W. Clowes.
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Four pages, disbound (holes where sewn in for example), edges dusted, fair only. See image. Poem listed on page 4 as follows: CHRISTABEL, &c. By S.T.Coleridge, Esq. 8vo. 4s 6d. | 'That wild and singularly original and beautiful Poem.' No mention of Kubla Khan here, though published with 'Christabel'. The Byron quotation precedes publication: I [Byron] here acknowledge a close, though unintentional, resemblance in these twelve lines to a passage in an unpublished poem of Mr. Coleridge called 'Christabel'. It was not till after these lines were written that I heard that wild and singularly original and beautiful Poem. Extracted from the Quarterly Review of May 1816. Note: Original issues of periodicals in their original paper wraps are scarce. The vast majority were bound up (usually annual volumes) and the advertisement leaves discarded.