Manuscript Letter, with price list, from the nurserymen Thomas Bunyard & Sons of Maidstone, Kent, to the naturalist Rev. Charles William Shepherd of Trotterscliffe. With list of plants by Shepherd.

Thomas Bunyard & Sons, The Nurseries, Maidstone, Kent, Victorian 'Nurserymen, Seedsmen and Florists' [Rev. Charles William Shepherd (1838-1920) of Trotterscliffe, near Maidstone, Kent, naturalist]
Thomas Bunyard & Sons
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18 February 1869; on letterhead of The Nurseries, Maidstone [Kent].
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12mo, 2 pp. Bifolium. With two pages of lists of plants by Shepherd. Good, on aged paper. In remains of original envelope. The letterhead advertises that the firm also has a branch at Ashford. Begins: 'We can supply you with the shrubs &c you kindly enquire about at the Prices named on other side - your orders for which will have our careful attention'. Three are marked with a cross, being 'very critical trees to move' for which the firm 'can undertake no responsibility as to their success'. Prices given for fifteen types, from 'Spruce Trees - 4 ft. - removed 3 years since - 9/ -doz 60/ - 100' to 'Cotoncaster Bacillaris do not know | Frigida 6 ft 9/ - doz. Symondsii 3 ft 9/ - Cunifolia, mystifolia &

6/ - to 9/ - doz. | In Pots'. The inner two pages of the bifolium carry lists of trees and plants by Shepherd in pencil and ink.