Autograph Letter Signed from the London solicitor and antiquary Robert Cole, offering assistance to John Campbell, 1st Baron Campbell, in writing the entry on Chief Justice Sir John Fitzjames in his 'Lives of the Chief Justices of England'.

Robert Cole of Tokenhouse Yard, solicitor and antiquary [Thomas Campbell (1779-1861), 1st Earl Campbell, Lord Chancellor [Edward Foss (1787-1870), author of 'The Judges of England';Sir John Fitzjames]
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14 Tokenhouse Yard, London; 10 November 1849.
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1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged grey paper. He notes an advertisement for Campbell's 'Lives of the Chief Justices' in that morning's Athenaeum. 'Had I been earlier aware of the preparation of the work it would have afforded me much pleasure in offering for your Lordships acceptance a Copy of the probate Copy Will of the Lord Chief Justice Fitzjames which I have in my collection of M.S.S. &c.' The will is very long and contains 'much curious matter'. Although it may be too late for any notice of the will in Campbell's book, 'yet a copy shall be very much at your Lordships service, should your Lordship desire to possess it'. A postscript reads 'I sometime ago sent a Copy to Mr Foss. [i.e. Edward Foss, author of the 'Judges of England']'.