[Printed circular in facsimile of manuscript.] The Case of Count Valerian Krasinski.

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'London. August 27th. 1841.'
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2pp., 4to. Fair, on aged and creased paper. Facsimile of closely and neatly written manuscript. Begins by describing how Krasinski 'has resided in England about ten years', having come to the country 'on a diplomatic mission from the National Polish Government. But the Polish cause having been soon completely overturned, he retired to Sidmouth in Devonshire to perfect himself in English, (which he began to learn in his boyhood) in order to obtain a living by writing in our language.' Describes his literary work, culminating in an agreement with the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge to publish a history of Russia, 'on the recommendation of Mr. Hallam'. 'These preliminary negociations took place in the latter part of November and beginning of December 1836. In February 1837 the Committee determined to decline the proposal, not from any doubt of the Author's competence to execute the task, but from other causes. Of this determination the Secretary unfortunately did not apprize the Count until the 5th. of April, in answer to a letter from the latter of the 29th. of March.' Hoping 'to open to himself a career of more useful literary occupation, instead of remaining all his life a mere hack writer, with no other object in view than pecuniary remuneration', he laboured at his own expense on his 'History of the Reformation in Poland'. 'The Book has not sold so well as he had hoped, there being still several hundred copies of the first edition on hand.' He 'has been immured in the Fleet Prison about four months' and, as his 'valuable life would be seriously endangered by a much longer continuence of his anxieties and confinement, his Creditors have humanely agreed to be content with the payment of one half of their respective bills', which amount to £552 19s 11d. Scarce: no other copy traced, either on COPAC or on WorldCat.