[British anti-German Second World War propaganda pamphlet, printing the transcript of a BBC broadcast.] The Woman from Poland.

W. J. Brown [Second World War; occupation of Poland; Polish; Nazi war attrocities; fascism; BBC]
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'10/41 [i.e. printed October 1941] A., P. & S., Ltd.' 'Broadcast in the Home Service of the B.B.C. on Tuesday, 23rd September, 1941.'
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly-aged and creased. Beneath the cover on the front page are four quotations: 'I don't know what astonishes me most about you British - your kindness and your courage, or your blindness.'; 'Not one in ten of you knows what a German victory would mean to you.'; 'Wake up. Everything that is valuable in life is at stake.' and 'If only I could tell you what defeat means at the hands of the Germans.' The text describes the life of Mrs 'Pole' ('for it's dangerous to her surviving relatives in Poland that I should give her real name) 'for six months under the German occupation'. Headings are: 'Then There Began the Plunder'; 'The Men who Never Returned'; '- And the Girls who Did'; 'Violence, Murder, Slavery by Decree' and 'Not One in Ten of You Understands'. The stories, though lurid, are no doubt true: '[...] A party of German soldiers came in and rounded up the women there, including this girl. They were taken away in lorries. The girl was absent for three days. At the end of the time she was released, after being made to sign a paper stating that she "would not walk the streets" any more. The other women were obliged to sign similar statements. | Nor did the Germans stop short of massacre. One day a German soldier was killed in a drunken brawl outside a house. Shortly afterwards a body of German soldiers arrived. Every man in that house, and there were fifty-one in all, was taken out and shot in cold blood. And next day the German-controlled newspapers boasted of what they had done. [...]' Excessively scarce: no copy in the British Library, and the only copy on COPAC in the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide.