[Printed Invitation/circular, printed signature "Alf. Nobel" (with blanks for name of invitee and other information) inviting individuals to witness experiments('expériences') with nitro-glycerine. In French.

[Alfred Nobel, manufacturer of explosives and philanthropist]
Alfred Nobel,
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Bruxelles [Brussels] 18 Juillet 1865 {Alfred Nobel, Chaussée d[e] Louvain 126B, Bruxelles
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One page, cr. 8vo, two small holes (loss of letter] spotted, tiny closed tears, fold marks, mainly good condition. Headed "Expériences avec la Nitroglycerine", the name of the invitee to be filled in "M...", giving directions for two days of experiments at Hal and Lessines, Programme of "Expériences théoriques / Explosions de différentes Minen". NOte: Alfred Novel and Co. was founded in June 1865. No record yet found of these experiments. Scan on my website.