Autograph Note Signed from John Blackburne of Orford Hall, Warrington, threatening John Percival with legal action if he does not hand over 'ye money you collected from my tenants in Risley'. With (Percival's?) itemised account of the money.

John Blackburne (1694-1786) of Orford Hall, Warrington, naturalist and horticulturalist [John Percival; Risley, Lancashire]
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Blackburne's note dated from Orford, 28 May 1746. Later anonymous note to him dated 19 August 1756.
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Blackburne's note is 1p., landscape 12mo. The leaf on which it is written has a central vertical fold, with the reverse carrying the itemised account to the left, and the anonymous note to Blackburne to the right. On aged and damp-stained paper. Blackburne's note is blunt and to the point: 'Orford May 28. 1746 | John Percival | I expect that you pay me in a weeks time ye Money you collected from my tenants in Risley on acct. of the Militia or I shall order Mr Lancaster to sue you for it, without further notice | from | Your friend | J: Blackburne'. The note to Blackburne on the reverse reads: 'Augst. 19th 1756. I found this amongst the papers of the late John Percival in the presence of Wm. Clough, and delivered the same to Mr. Blackburne of Orford on the 22d Instant'. The itemised account is semi-literate. Fifteen individuals are named, including 'Will Plat' (£0 14s 0d), 'Bouching Wido [sic]' (£0 6s 0d), 'Ann Boydel' (£1 4s 4d), 'Wido Braton' (£0 8s 6d), 'Wilam Son Plat' (£0 16s 8d). The author also writes: 'for releif [sic] and

other pay & half pade [sic] - 2 - 6 - 0'.